Staying true to fitness goals in the new year


A new year is the perfect opportunity to set goals for improvement in the coming 12 months and although some are difficult to hold up, they’ll all pay off in the end.

If staying in shape is on your list, Chris Carlile, owner and operator of Fitness FX in Sealy and Houston, offered a few tips to staying on pace.

“It’s not about how much you lift like you’re trying to be a body builder,” he said. “It’s the consistency of getting into the gym and doing something every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes to burn some calories. And if you really want to see results, that consistency needs to be combined with a better diet. (It’s as simple as) just cutting the portion sizes down; If you want to lose weight, both need to happen.”

He agreed that it certainly does get busier in this stretch from Christmas to around halfway through January, and will pick up again around September with school back in full swing, but the overcrowded weight rooms shouldn’t be the deterring factor from missing your goals.

“For people who are scared to come to the gym, most often they’re intimidated either by the machines or the other people there and for those scared of the other people, I ask what are you going to the gym for, yourself or the other people?” Carlile posed. “Are you more worried about your successes or other people seeing you? If you just focus on yourself, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re the one intimidating the other people.”

He said the Fitness FX locations on 203 Meyer Street in Sealy and 7510 Lawndale Street in Houston are waving the initiation and start-up fees for new sign-ups before Jan. 10 to help people get a positive start to their new year and fitness goals.

Fitness FX offers group training, personal training and group exercise programs and offers multiple membership options to curtail to anyone’s criteria.

For more information, visit or call 888-FITFX-70 (888-348-3970).


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