Letter to the editor

Growth needs proper management


Dear Editor,

Prudent growth is essential or there will be no growth at all.

I have seen Ms. Burchfield at one meeting; her comments sound like ruffled feathers, possibly from someone my letters to the editor have questioned.

New Sealy neighbors include Harvest Moon Apartments, a foreign ship-building company that placed an office in Sealy, and a Chinese granite business, among more than 30 other projects that have not been as publicly detailed by SEDC.

A vague mention of a headquarters for foreign business in Sealy that would have its own governing rules and regulations was introduced recently. A representative from the Port of Houston announced that the port was “considering” obtaining property here for “additional storage.” Chemicals and petroleum products are often the items stored. How will this storage growth “make life better for Sealy?” How will this storage “improve the lifestyle of residents?” (These comments were made by a self-appointed cheerleader in a recent county magazine about the changes coming to this town.) Pollution, crime, and the risk of catastrophic chemical explosions or leaks are not improvements.

  1. To date, only $75,000 has been returned to Sealy by the federal government for COVID-19 support. More than $310,000 was spent. Waiting for federal funds for this project would have avoided this conundrum.
  2. There is less than 30 days of funding left for the city to operate in the current budget. It is ironic that the nearly drained budget is a front-page story in the news edition that contains Burchfield’s tirade about misinformation in my letters that supports these facts.
  3. Worley is campaigning to borrow a half million dollars to promote two more businesses wanting access to Sealy. Are these businesses the Port of Houston and the foreign nations plan?
  4. The “six inches above plan” elevation of Evelyn’s Court Apartments is the agreement that the apartment developer and the city finally settled upon after the larger mistake was noted.
  5. I asked how many recommendations from the Allen’s Creek engineered plan had been completed, and I was told, “none.”
  6. Mayor Whitehead provided approval on the split-vote issues that the managing team wanted passed.
  7. Why is the City Manager voting on the SEDC?
  8. Merrell does not have voice mail set up on his phone. Worley has raised his voice on multiple occasions to those who have had questions. Trust me…not welcoming at all…
  9. People are begging to come to this area. One does not have to bribe anyone to move here.
  10. There is nothing wrong with citizens asking questions about any issue or action in the city. The city managers and council work for us.
  11. Blind acceptance of biased comments from worried coffee buddies does not constitute the truth. The expansion of Interstate 10 is the catalyst for the present interest in this area.
  12. Carolyn Bilski’s landslide victory suggests that voters want to see a new transparency in Sealy. She will do her best to provide it. Best wishes, Mayor Bilski!

Diane Wuthrich



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