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‘Good Grammar’ a funny way to spell success


As a small-town newspaper editor, it can be intimidating to edit the writing of someone called the Grammar Guy.

Rarely do I find any mistakes in his weekly columns, but when I do they’re usually just small grammatical errors. Seriously though, Curtis Honeycutt’s new book “Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life” is hilariously insightful for those of us who manipulate (butcher?) the English language for a living. So rarely do learning and laughing go hand-in-hand as well as they do in the Grammar Guy’s “Good Grammar” book.

Those who are familiar with Honeycutt’s syndicated column will appreciate the style and tone of this tome. His first foray into the world of book publishing is more than a collection of his columns, although it is written in that style. As one could surmise from the title, he doesn’t take himself seriously, but you should.

That is to say, he’s serious about the grammatical points he makes and is deadly serious about the wry sense of humor he uses to make his points. Honeycutt is a socially nerdy word nerd who liberally peppers his stories with cheeky pop culture references, especially TV and movie quotes.

Interspersed throughout the book are gray boxed nuggets of wisdom under the heading What in the Word? These little breakouts will teach you things like the difference between Exacerbate and Exasperate, Inflammable and Nonflammable, etc. Knowing the difference could help keep you from getting burned in an argument or around a campfire.

This is clearly not the kind of grammar book your teacher will use in school, but for those of us who appreciate the subtle nuances of the English language and like to argue the finer points of Star Wars trivia, Marvel movies, and old sitcoms, this is a great way to improve your vocabulary while keeping your participles from dangling.

“Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life” is available May 1 in paperback and ebook forms on Amazon.


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